Below are our frequently asked questions about our Mimbee watches. 

Question #1
How long does it takes to ship?

1 – 2 working days
Cape Town orders will be fulfilled by Citi Sprint.

2 – 4 working days
The rest of South African major cities will be fulfilled by Fastway Couriers.

Mossel Bay, Knysna, George, Plettenberg Bay, Port Elizabeth, East London, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg and Pretoria.
Question #2
Cost for Delivery

Mimbee orders R0 - R299 will cost R70 for delivery.
Free delivery on orders over R300.00 in South Africa.

Question #3
What battery does the Mimbee Snap watches take?

Our Mimbee snap watches would take a SR626 or a SR621 battery.

Question #4
Are Mimbee watches waterproof?

Most of our watches are not waterproof. We have two new snap watches which are waterproof they are the Mimbee Waterproof Shark and Dolphin Snap Watches. Please let us know if you need more info on these two products.

Question #5
Does the Mimbee LED watches have a stop watch function?

Unfortunately, our Mimbee LED watches do not have a stopwatch function.

Question #6
Where can you buy the Mimbee Watches from?

You will be able to purchase our Mimbee watches at Toys R Us in store and online and Sportsman's Warehouse in-store and online. We are also available in Exclusive Books at Canal Walk and the Two Oceans Aquarium gift shop.

You can now find our Mimbee products on Makro and Takealot online.

Question #7
Why is my snap watch not working?

Your new Mimbee snap watch will have a battery saver attached to the crown which will need to be removed. Pop the dial out of the silicone case to expose the crown and remove the battery saver. 

The battery saver is there to preserve the battery life of your Mimbee watch while in the store, but now that you are a proud owner of it, you can go ahead and remove it your watch will start to tick.

Watch Battery Saver