Mimbee - Dinosaur Snap Watch-Mimbee Kids
Mimbee - Dinosaur Snap Watch
Mimbee - Dinosaur Snap Watch
mimbee - dinosaur snap watch
Mimbee - Dinosaur Snap Watch
Mimbee - Dinosaur Snap Watch

Mimbee - Dinosaur Snap Watch

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Our Mimbee - Dinosaur Snap Watch is no longer extinct. You will look rawrsome wearing our dinosaur inspired snap watch. With a super-simple two-hand mechanism for learning how to read the time. No links and no one-handed buckling ever again.

Mimbee's snap watches come in a variety of shapes, colours, cute characters and themes. Kids will adore the bright colour and comfy fit of their snap watch, they'll explore the undersea world with mermaids and turtles or look for buried treasure as captain of a pirate ship.

This educational and fun watch will make your and your child's morning easier while teaching and learning an important skill.

Quick Facts

  • Colourful & Durable
  • Educational
  • Child Friendly
  • Snap-on and off
  • Case Diameter - 38mm
  • Durable Silicone Strap Length - 21cm
  • Battery included LR626
  • Perfect for kids between 3 - 10 years old
  • This watch is not waterproof
Our Mimbee products can be purchased from MakroTakealot and Toys R Us stores and online.


Ask a Question
  • Hi How do I adjust the time? Tx

    Your new Mimbee snap watch will have a battery saver attached to the crown which will need to be removed. Pop the dial out of the silicone case to expose the crown and remove the battery saver. 

    The battery saver is there to preserve the battery life of your Mimbee watch while in the store, but now that you are a proud owner of it, you can go ahead and remove it your watch will start to tick.